Beautifully Knitted Cashmere Accessories - Made in England

Cashmere Children’s Blue Ribbed Scarf

£ 70.00

Our most popular scarf. This 100% Cashmere classic scarf looks and feels fantastic. Knitted in a thick ribbed construction, this timeless classic is a must have for any Winter wardrobe. It’s also a perfect partner for our 2×2 ribbed beanie.


Warm and Stylish Kids’ Blue Ribbed Scarf

Your child’s winter wardrobe will be improved with the Children’s Blue Ribbed Scarf from Pink and Ginger. Ten years ago, we launched our business in northern England as a premium cashmere brand, and we remain steadfast in our commitment. The most opulent and fashionable cashmere products in the UK are what we strive to offer. The ribbing is gorgeous, and the color of it is lovely. Your young one will be cozy and stylish while wearing revolutionary winter clothing thanks to Pink and Ginger.


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