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Cashmere Pink Cable Hot Water Bottle

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A perfect gift or even better for a little self indulgence. This beautifully crafted, seamlessly knitted, hot water bottle cover is perfect for keep warm on those cold dark nights. Made from 100% Cashmere in a range of fantastic colours. Includes 2 litre hot water bottle.

When you buy one of our luxurious cashmere products, you will receive a complimentary cotton bag to protect your purchase and keep it clean.

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Indulge in the cozy elegance of the Pink Cable Hot Water Bottle by Pink and Ginger, a luxury cashmere brand with a rich heritage dating back a decade in the north of England. Elevate your comfort and style with this exquisite hot water bottle, blending warmth and fashion seamlessly. Embrace the essence of quality and sophistication wrapped in the soft embrace of pink cable knit. Discover the ideal nighttime partner, specially created to meet your warmth and fashion requirements.

1 review for Cashmere Pink Cable Hot Water Bottle

  1. Anaam

    Shame this is not in a baby pink but the dusty pink is still lovely.

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